Did you know?

//Did you know?

Did you know?

Are you aware that if you have an Easitill Horti Labelling package already in place, then you are already doing the work for what could be your new EPoS system and/or website?

Did you know that EPoS means Electronic Point of Sale? (Which in non-technical terms is Till and Backoffice software on a Computer(s) with attached Receipt Printer, scanner, cash drawer, integrated Chip and Pin with contactless payments including Apple Pay, Android Pay)

Along with the EPoS system we have been developing for 28 years we also offer simple advertising websites up to full online shops with baskets and payment gateway.

You could be displaying and/or selling your plants online without spending forever inputting your plants.  The reason for this is that you have very likely already done the work!

Easitill Horti offers a direct upgrade path from Labelling to EPoS to Web

In adding a plant description, detailed description and image to a label, you will already have built your data for pushing up to an Easitill Horti website or selling them in shop on an Easitill EPoS system.  We use the same information that you have added to your plant labels on the website and EPoS system to avoid you having to re-do data entry when you are ready for an online presence.

The latest websites we have built are:-





For more information talk to us today on 01604 881881 or email sales@easitill.co.uk

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