Information for Existing Labelling Customers

Information for Existing Labelling Customers

Dear Customer,

As an Easitill customer who uses our labelling system we wanted to make you aware that there is a direct and simple upgrade path to our fully integrated EPoS solution, Nursery Management solution and mobile friendly Website.  If you have been using our labelling software then you will already have prepared the product data for the till, nursery management and the web. We now have many examples of customers using this method and we wanted to make you aware of the benefits The Walled Garden have gained from Easitill.

Owner of the Walled Garden near Saxmundham in Suffolk; Jim Mountain, had a problem.  He had a nursery management programme but found it too cumbersome to use.  He developed a basic system based on a spreadsheet but found that operating this was difficult for the staff.

Early in 2016, Jim approached Easitill.  Taking the concepts Jim had used in his spreadsheet we built the Easitill Nursery Management software.  This allowed him to receive his plugs as they came in, pot them in to their first pot, pot them again as the plant grows and finally transfer the saleable plants from the nursery area to retail.  And it can produce a custom colour picture label for the plants too which can also be incorporated in to a plant catalogue.

They then saw the benefits of upgrading from their MANUAL CASH REGISTERS to the Easitill EPoS (Electronic Point Of Sale) till system.  This now allows them to track stock as it is sold, reduce mistakes made at the till, report on sales, offer proper itemised receipts and more.

Jim then wanted to take his business to the next level and sell to his customers online.  Easitill have been building fully integrated websites for over 15 years and have just launched our mobile friendly package.  In adding the plants (and later, dry goods and sundries) to the Easitill database once, they are now able to push the same data to a label, to the Nursery Management, to the EPoS till and also to the website.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help please get in touch using the number or email below.


Kind Regards,


Dave Everett

Easitill LTD

T: 01604 881881

Office Hours 9.00-17:30 Mon-Fri

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