Modernising Your Garden Centre EPOS

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Modernising Your Garden Centre EPOS

We live in an era of the ‘digital’ customer. The continual evolution of technology has changed how customers view businesses these days. The impact of technology is evident in nearly all aspects of a business from marketing and sales to finance, to customer service. Here are some statistics that show what the digital customer look forward to in a business these days:

  • Almost 86% of customers today will pay more for a product or service if they are getting a great customer experience.
  • 87% of millennials look for information online and they contact customer service only if they can’t find an answer online.
  • 67% of the shopping experience is now done online.
  • A customer looks for information from 11 sources on an average before making a purchase.
  • 90% of customers move between devices to complete a purchase

There are two things a digital customer looks for these days, a great experience and convenience. If you think that a garden centre doesn’t need to be technologically relevant, then think again. Your technology aversion might drive your customers into the hands of your competition. The need for modernising
your garden centre is essential just to stay relevant in today’s market place. You can provide your customers with greater convenience by updating your EPOS system and here’s why you should do it:

Faster Transactions

The latest EPOS system will provide you with the fastest transaction times. With the latest EPOS technology, you can access the latest software, which will ensure that the check out times of a sale can be reduced significantly. It might seem like getting the customer out of your garden centre fast might not be smartest idea in the world but studies have shown that faster transactions can have the following

  • Fewer business opportunities lost due to long check out lines.
  • Reduced customer irritation.
  • Less congestion inside your garden centre
  • Improved communication

Communication between staff members is crucial for the smooth functioning of any retail business and your garden centre is no different. During busy days your staff need to be able to communicate with each other in an efficient manner in order to execute all the orders correctly and to eliminate the chance of any mistakes being made. By updating your EPOS systems , you can ensure that there is a steady flow of information between your staff and that no mistakes are made when fulfilling orders.

Improved customer service 

Most retail businesses are judged on the level of customer service they provide and this is even more significant in today’s digitalised environment. Since a majority of retail businesses function in a cross channel manner it is important ​that your EPOS provides your customers with consistent service across all channels. Missing out on important updates because of an outdated device can prevent you from obtaining important demographic information about customers or arrange mailing programs or set up loyalty reward programs in an efficient manner. This could lead to your garden centre missing out on crucial opportunities of service enhancement.

Improves your marketing strategies

Updated EPOS systems can assist you in tracking product sales and in-house promotions. This helps you in analysing which type of promotion works best for your garden centre. This gives you more insight and assists you in developing better promotional strategies in the future to get more customers. You will be
able to devise targeted strategies for marketing your business, which can lead to better sales.

Improves your operational efficiency

Trying to manage your garden centre’s business operations in an efficient manner can many a time seem like a futile battle. How does a business appear to be running smoothly? When it seems like the business is operating as a well oiled machine with no management structure in place. However, this is very rarely the case in a retail business. Using updated EPOS systems can help you along the path of achieving this desired efficiency.
How? An updated EPOS system can ensure that your staff are spending less time in checking out customers and can spend more time in other activities such as restocking or selling.

An efficient EPOS system can also lead to greater customer service as your staff will be able to provide customers with information relating to product details, inventory or shipping promptly.

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