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Tamper proof labels that sell
It can be a big problem for garden centres that customers swap labels to get a lower price. Floralabels offer several solutions to solve this problem. One of them is a proven solution from the USA used for years by American nurseries and garden centres including some of our customers. The labels are applied or ‘shot’ onto the pots in a quick and effective way that saves expensive time during application. The rings that hold the labels onto the pots make it impossible to swap the labels around in the shops without breaking the tags/labels. The labels are visible on the pots, but don’t disturb the look of the plants themselves. The hang labels are typically so big that there is space for attractive pictures and to give the consumers the information they need to buy the plants.
Flexible self adhesive elastic hangers for pots, plants and trees
Thanks to the combination of a flexible elastic band and a strong adhesive it is now possible to apply our hang labels onto pots, plants and trees in a simple and effective way. Nurseries and garden centres can print the labels on demand or we can even pre-print the labels and apply the hangers on the labels for you. When you print labels on demand it is very easy to apply the hangers onto the labels. Once that is done the labels are as easy to apply as with a traditional elastic string.
The hangers can be used effectively on trees and shrubs on both thinner and thicker branches. Floralabels have sold the first 50.000 to a Danish tree producer last summer with good feedback, so Floralabels are now ready to introduce the product elsewhere.
The elastic hangers can also be used to apply labels or cards onto decorative pots and cut flowers up to a circumference of ca 20 cm
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