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Easitill Horti has been supplying weather resistant blank consumable labels to the horticultural industry for over 6 years.  Using our Labelling software and printed through an OKIC711 laserjet printer, our labels guarantee U.V., frost and water resistant.

U.V., Frost and Water resistant labels


We also provide Labelling software for use with our blank consumables.  This allows you to create custom label designs using our simple drag and drop label designer.  You can include an image, logo, price, barcode, free text fields and more.

Create custom labels or use our pre-set templates

We offer licence free labelling software with templates for all of our label types and a drag and drop custom label designer.  Labels can include description, extended description and use, sale price, barcode, logo, free text and more.  Templates can be copied and edited to make the custom label for your needs.

NO ANNUAL LICENCE – Labelling Software is licence free, as long as you buy labels from us, we will help you should you hit a snag with your printing

Whether you have bought your OKI yourself or we supply it, we will tune your OKI with the original approved firmware, created with OKI by our labels principle Palle Jespersen, which we add directly to the internal memory of the printer itself.

We hold large quantities of label stock so can always deliver your labels the next day.

OKI C711

A short video of our labelling in use at Russell’s Garden Centre