Did you know?

Are you aware that if you have an Easitill Horti Labelling package already in place, then you are already doing the work for what could be your new EPoS system and/or website? Did you know that EPoS means Electronic Point of Sale? (Which in non-technical terms is Till and Backoffice software on a Computer(s) with attached Receipt Printer, scanner, cash drawer, integrated Chip and Pin with contactless payments including Apple Pay, Android Pay) Along with the EPoS system we have been [...]

7 Ways To Grow Your Business Efficiently

RETAIL EPOS There is one very simple way of adding up to 10% of your turnover straight to your bottom line profit each year. HOSPITALITY EPOS  The solution involves installing an EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) system specifically designed for garden centres and covering product sales, table service, self-service and “wooden spoon”. WEBSITES Not only will your profits rise considerably, but your new EPoS system will integrate with your Easitill website so items added for the retail shop can be instantly [...]

What is the most effective way of increasing the sales of your plants and trees, week by week, month by month?

When customers browse in your store, they invariably look at two quite different things.Of course, they are there to look at the plants and trees, and in so doing they will home in on what looks right for them and what fits their particular needs and requirements.But before making a purchase the customer will also look at something else. Something that is not a plant or a tree, or even the container that houses the product they are thinking of buying.The [...]

Floralabels colour labels & printing

GARDEN centres and nurseries you can now print your own colour plant labels on-site thanks to a joint venture between us and the Scandinavian brand Floralabels.We have this spring (2014) launched the service in the UK to help growers and retailers save money on labelling.Our Managing Director, Rob Gardner explained: “The making of a colour label is now easier and faster than ever before. With our unique solution, you can produce high quality colour labels with a picture, bar code, price, [...]

What’s new this spring?

We’ve been very Rf busy bees so far planning this labelling spring and there is lots капсул, of news regarding cheap jerseys our Floralabels and Easitill Resident Labelling Systems wholesale nba jerseys including Buy savings wholesale mlb jerseys and a price freeze wholesale jerseys for the third year running.  Here’s what’s new for Steno this season… NEW Qty 5 off Box Pricing for extra savings between existing 1 off and 10 off pricing  Prices held constant for 2014 for third year [...]

Database helps garden centres with plant labelling & EPoS

GARDEN centres looking to run a full Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) or Russell’s labelling system without the Indikatormedarbetare effort of building a plant database can now do so (April, 2014). Our expert EPoS team has created a database containing more wholesale nfl jerseys than 20,000 plant records and descriptions and 15,000 photographs to Miami Dolphins Jerseys help garden centres create plant labels and EPoS systems. Managing Director, Rob Gardner explained: “Our database includes ornamentals, trees, shrubs, herbs, climbers, aquatics, vegetables, [...]