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Plant Database with over 18,000 plant images

  • Get started with your colour picture labels with 18,000 plant images
  • Latin and common names
  • Integrates with Easitill Labelling solution
  • Gives lots of information on plants including height, spread, growing conditions, flower colour, leaf colour
  • Allows relatively unskilled staff to learn and be knowledgeable about your plants
  • Images are yours to do with as you like and can be uploaded to an Easitill Website
Our Plant database is everything you need to get started with colour picture labelling for plants.  It contains 18,000 plant images with names and descriptions and lots of additional information.
Includes garden flowers & ornamentals, trees, shrubs, herbs, climbers, aquatics, vegetables, fruits, ferns, wild flowers, orchids, palms, cacti, mosses, hedging and house plants.  The full edition also includes more varieties, more indoor, more tropical plants, more agricultural plants and more wild-flowering plants.
Use as they are or edit yourself. Save time and money compiling a plant database use our pre existing and extensive one all ready to run with our Plant Labelling. Requires Easitill Label Creator to run and create labels or our full EPoS system.
Use to:
Run a full EPoS System without the effort of building a plant product database.
Print Plant Labels straight from the database including pictures and descriptions through the Easitill Labelling.
Set up a website quickly using the plant descriptions and images already in our database to create your own online plant catalogue or garden shop online.