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Woodthorpe Park Plant Shop is located in the beautiful setting of historic Woodthorpe and sits alongside Nottingham City Councils Nursery.

The Nursery is the hub of the award-winning Nottingham in Bloom campaign, growing half a million plants each year for the city’s displays as well as producing plants for neighbouring local authorities and others further afield.

Woodthorpe Park Plant Shop stocks a wide range of high-quality seasonal plants, shrubs, trees, house plants and gifts.  Fresh flower bouquets and floral tributes are available to order.

They approached us at GLEE 2016 horticultural trade show looking for a system to help improve their ways of managing the plant shop.

They are now printing barcoded labels from the Easitill software, which is so simple that they are printing them between sales.  The newly barcoded products are then scanned in to our till system and sold using either cash, credit card or one of the other tenders such as Voucher or cheque.  The correct change (if a cash or split tender sale) is instantly calculated and a receipt is produced.

Recent Installations

Hathern Nurseries

Our area engineer finished early at a customers’ site and decided to call in at other nurseries in the area to see if anyone else could use our services.  The engineer came across Hathern Nurseries and decided to call in.  He immediately was summoned into the office where he met Simon the owner.  Simon explained he had been visited by numerous EPoS companies who had all sent their best salesman.  Simon discovered that no matter what question he asked the answer was always yes (even when it should have been no).  Simon quickly realized the difference when our engHathern 3ineer explained how our system Hathern 1worked rather than trying to sell.  Naturally, with trust instilled, an order was placed the next working day. Working with the Horticultural industry for over 25 years meant we understood that we were just about to enter the busiest period for Plant Nurseries.  With this in mind we created ‘open sales’ which meant he could start using the till straight away, without the need to input all his products.  This is far better than a manual till.  After the season he will be  able to report on what has been sold with much greater detail.  He will have security control to report on which staff sold what.  As time goes by we can gradually add more and more stock and use our built in labelling for the plant so products can simply be scanned.  And of course, the customers can have a ‘proper’ receipt.

Twinlocks Garden Centre

Twinlocks Garden Centre Ltd was founded by husband and wife Linda and Martin Twiss over 22 Twinlocks Garden Centre 2years ago. We are based in Gargrave, covering most of the Yorkshire Dales.  Our Easitill trainer and engineer commented on how it was such a delight working in such beautiful surroundings.  When they started Martin admits he was almost computer illiterate. With this in mind we took our time and Maritn delegated responsibilities to other staff members. This worked extremely well, he could focus on learning in a more general way about EPoS and how the products worked, whilst others were appointed tasks like adding customers for the loyalty scheme, or creating custom hotkeys.

Twinlocks Garden Centre 1They opted for a 2 till system, with the back office on Martin’s laptop. This allowed Martin to review reports and products away from the garden centre (our tills are perfectly happy to work independently).  On a recent visit Martin commented on how he never expected to have so much on the system already.  This approach is made possible by our unique way we put customer service first.  There is no rush with us to get everything done as soon as you get the system. We sent our trainer back for the next stage only when Martin was fully comfortable with everything we had taught so far.  The Twinlocks team can then turn their attention to our in-built labelling system, getting the plants looking great with personalised labels.

Other Latest Easitill installations include:
  • We are delighted to welcome Woodthorpe Grange Nursery as a new Easitill EPoS user
  • Horticentre Garden Centre, a customer of many years have decided to increase their current Easitill website to our Ecommerce platform with Click and Collect
  • Gardeners Delight have now installed the Labelling system
  • Gardinius have installed the Labelling system
  • Serenity Nurseries have installed the Labelling system
  • Hertfordshire Garden Centre to “Go Live” with full EPoS and Labelling in October 2016
  • Calverton Greens have now added Easitill EPoS and are “Live”