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Customer Support that is second to none

Easitill’s customer support team are truly one of the best in the industry.  We hear many horror stories of Garden Centres and Nurseries struggling to use old, outdated and poorly supported software in our industry and we perform many EPoS conversions due to poorly supported systems.

Easitill are different.

Telephone Chase Sequence – We never miss a call!

We operate a 7 day a week telephone line, 9am until 6pm, 365 days a year.  Simply call 01604 882 030 and one of our engineers will answer the telephone.  Nearly all support queries can now be dealt with efficiently by remote-dial-in support by an Easitill Engineer.  And if the issue can not be resolved remotely, one of our area engineers will be on site, normally within 2 hours.

Easitill runs on Easitill so anyone that answers the telephone has in-depth knowledge of the day to day use of the software and can help you

The Helpline is a separate direct dial number, without recorded messages or need for selections, which automatically hunts for the next available support person, thus minimising delays for help.

Support queries can now be dealt with efficiently by remote-dial-in support

If you are struggling to get help or use from your existing EPoS supplier please click here and fill out our simply enquiry form and we will be able to help, alternatively please call 01604 881 881, or email us at