“We needed a dependable system that could accommodate needs such as price embedded barcodes whilst minimising training requirements for staff and allowing them to move between departments quickly as needs arise.  Easitill came highly recommended and impressed us with their willingness to listen and the speed at which they provided an economic solution which met our specific needs”

David Brown, Owner, Beckworth Emporium

“We’ve worked with Easitill for several years and enjoy a close working relationship with them. Their support in helping us to grow our business has been excellent, with several projects having been undertaken with professionalism and a high degree of attention to detail. Any issues have been acted upon with speed and urgency, giving us a high degree of confidence with their EPOS solution for our business”

Keith Andrews, Beckworth Emporium

We are very happy to work with Easitill as they have been very proactive in helping to find suitable EPOS for our seasonal business. We have high demand for a short time and a steady low level demand for the remainder of the year and the Easitill team are always available to offer support and to address any issues that may arise from time to time. I am happy to recommend them.

Brendan Maye, Owner, Mayfield Lavender
Just a huge Thank you. For all of the following reasons, I am grateful:
  • Making the upgrade happen yesterday at such short notice
  • You kindly sent us both of your best guys Dave and Richard to ensure there was no impact on us
  • They arrived after 8 to ensure we were not impacted during trading
  • Richard stayed on to ensure we were not faced with any new issues
  • Richard & Dave found time to help us discuss a huge issue for us: A GDC re-structure after New Year!
  • We traded the rest of the day without any hiccups from the upgrade
  • You gave us your very latest update with confidence
Your team at Easitill are nothing short of fantastic.
Alec Pack, IT Manager, Bosworth's Garden Centre
The best labels I’ve used, I wouldn’t think of getting them anywhere else.  EasitillHorti have always provided a great service.
Barry Proctor, Owner, Proctors Nurseries
“We labelled our clematis in January using the new Easitill Labeling system and Floralabels and had sold them all based on our colour labels before any had even bloomed!”
Tim Jardine, Manager, Russells Garden Centre, Russells Garden Centre